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Inspirational, Confrontational, and Challenging the Audience

What do exceptional artists, world class athletes and legendary entrepreneurs – who create visions, achieve goals and realise unsurpassed achievements – have in common?

The answer: a strong personality!

Boris M. Riek talking at Maastricht University in Maastricht, Netherlands (2009)

In his capacity as a public speaker Boris M. Riek has used various different opportunities to spread the message. Characteristics of strong personalities are mental strength, high self-esteem, extraordinary goal orientation, determination and leadership in their field. These characteristics can be systematically developed using targeted methods.



Boris M. Riek has adressed his message to entrepreneurs, top sales people and corporate leaders as well as to students, high school graduates and members of voluntary services. He has given conference talks, student workshops and public speeches and has used different chances to reach audiences from all walks of life.

In addition to professional bookings Boris M. Riek has used public speaking and has given University and conference talks as a means for his non-profit work as a volunteer member of the alliance against depression. He strongly supports public education on depression being a mental illness and involves himself in suicide prevention – locally, nationally and internationally.

Boris M. Riek speaking at TEDxEutropolis in Heerlen, Netherlands (2010)