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Germany’s leading personality

coach for entrepreneurs

Having worked as a personality coach for entrepreneurs since 1997, Boris M. Riek ranks among the world’s best personality coaches. He can look back on a coaching career and a client list spanning four continents – from young entrepreneurs in Germany to the owner of a global Korean consortium employing more than 180,000 people. The focus of his coaching work has been on personal empowerment – the strengthening of human personality, in particular of entrepreneurial personality.

Personality Coach Boris M. Riek

Boris M. Riek coaching outdoors at the ‘Petersberg’ in Koenigswinter, Germany (2011)

Boris M. Riek came to the attention of the wider public somewhat involuntarily as a result of the media interest in “probably Germany’s most expensive mental trainer,” who “uses mental training to get depressed millionaires back on track and restore lost drive to professional athletes.”.

Lastly, from 2006 until 2012, Boris M. Riek lead a team of specialized coaches in his capacity as ‘Head of Faculty’at ‘entrepreneur academy’, an academy which focuses on developing personalities – systematically, but strictly one on one.